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Le DIX Mobile Phone by Celsius X VI II

I’ve seen some ridiculous mobile phones in my life…ahem, TAG Heuer Meridiist and Ulysse Nardin Chairman…but I gotta say that the $300,000 Le DIX by Celsius X VI II (pronounced “Celsius 10-6-2″) tops them all in terms of sheer absurdity.  So I really am sorry for bringing this to your attention, but I just came across this video production from the brand and I could no longer hold back.
The sooner I stop hearing about this device the better.  The Le DIX is just plain stupid, and the only possible outcome I see for this micromechanical mobile phone is a slow, outdated, poorly conceived and expensive death.  In fact, it seems the Le Dix has had its skeptics since word of its existence first leaked out.