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Breitling Chronospace

Some big news today from Breitling – the launch of a new model — the Breitling Chronospace.  Actually, this is appears to be more of a “re-launch” of the same model which was last produced in 1998 by Breitling (Ref No. a56012), but interestingly enough Breitling makes no mention of this in its press release.  But no matter, the upgrade is significant in many aspects -  Breitling will be pushing this watch hard towards the “professional aviator” and has designed the watch accordingly.  The Chronospace’s functions include – 1/100th of a second chronograph with split times, alarm, countdown, dual timezone display with independent alarm, 24-hour military time, Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), slide rule, and a perpetual calendar.  The Chronospace is powered by Breitling’s chronometer-certified SuperQuartz
Breitling also says that the watch’s LCD screens are equipped with “a high-performance NVG-compatible backlighting system.”  That’s “NVG” as in “Night Vision Goggles” — for which civil aviation standards exist — cool!  The Chronospace also has a “double caseback” that is designed to amplify the watch’s sound signals up to an impressive level of 90 decibels.  Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of the Chronospace, though, is its star-shaped bezel.  It looks equally sporty and ergonomic.  The dials are also look well designed and legible (see close up below).
The Chronospace will be available in a variety of dial colors and on various wristbands, including a new bracelet in satin-brushed woven steel and a sporty looking perforated rubber strap (both pictured below).  Price and date of availability have not been indicated.