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IWC Da Vinci Collectors’ Forum Edition Watch

Did you know that watch brand IWC hosts  its own discussion forum?  The “IWC  Collectors Forum” was actually founded in 2001 and has since provided IWC devotees with their own “special” place to discuss and share anything and everything IWC.  IWC even hired a moderator — Mr. Michael Friedberg — to oversee discussion on the dedicated forum.  Technically it is “Members Only” — but registration is free and open to anyone. The great thing is that what started out as a small, single-brand forum almost a decade ago has actually turned into a fairly active forum for IWC enthusiasts!   It has attracted such a loyal following that in 2010 IWC decided to develop a special “Collectors Forum Watch”.  Yes, that’s right — a limited edition, specially marked watch just to celebrate its loyal forum patrons.   Editor: An astute IWC fan (thanks!) pointed that this year’s watch is not the first Collector’s Forum that IWC has created.    This year mark’s the second (or third?) edition of the Collector’s Forum Watch.
The IWC Da Vinci Chronograph Special Edition Collectors’ Forum, aka Ref. 3764

The stainless steel watch features certain details that make it unique and mark its dedication to the IWC forum — most notably that there is a visible engraving on the rotor reading “Collectors’ Forum 2010, One out of 100″ (but not individually numbered).  The movement is the IWC caliber 89360.
The watch also comes with a stainless steel bracelet (in addition to the original alligator leather strap in black):
IWC starting accepting orders for the watch in January.  I am not sure if all 100 have sold or not.  Price is 15,200 CHF (including 7.6% VAT).  Originally announced to be available starting in June 2010, some collectors have now received theirs.  Although I have read that some perceive this watch to be a bit silly or pointless, I would prefer we all give a big round of applause to IWC for paying special attention to its most loyal, most dedicated patrons.  That’s how you build brand loyalty!

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