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tokyoflash nekura watches: analog dial, modern style

Tokyoflash Nekura Cabriolet and Twilight Watches

Tokyoflash Nekura Tumbler Watch

While Japanese watch importer Tokyoflash is known for their offbeat electronic watch designs, this time they’re hitting the market with a bunch of new contemporary watches which are firmly grounded in the mechanical age.
The latest watches in their new Nekura series feature non-traditional analog dials, each of which possess a Space Age charm like something that might have found its way onto the set of 2001:A Space Odyssey. My personal favorite is the Tumbler, which tells time using a set of rotating numeric discs.
Among the designs are the Cabriolet, which features a green and black speedometer-like dial, and the Twilight, which offers a red white and blue theme, complete with retro computer font numbers.
The Tundra features an orange and cobalt blue dial, with a bold abstract geometric pattern. Each of the watches features a polished metal case with rounded corners and a curved glass crystal.
Tokyoflash Nekura Transceiver Watch
The self-adjusting stainless steel wristbands are trimmed with either black or clear edging, and adorned with custom engraving that ranges from futuristic to naturalistic.

All five of the watches retail for about $85 a piece and can be found over on the Tokyoflash website.

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