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Vibering: Latest gadget concept to help the hearing impaired

I always like gadgets that are built around to helping those that are disabled by long-term conditions and the Vibering, though just a concept, is one that targets those with hearing difficulties. I think from just looking at the Vibering, you couldn’t tell it was something designed to help someone with a disability, it looks quite fashionable too and for me that is what makes it stand out.
As you can see, the concept of Vibering is based on helping people with hearing difficulties by vibration, the whole set consists of a wristwatch and two rings. How it works is quite simple and has been illustrated in the gallery below. The rings worn on either hands are used as sound detectors, detecting sound from either side of the person’s surrounding and environment. When sound is detected from a particular side, then it warns the user that something like a car may be behind /near them by vibrating.
The Vibering is also able to detect and translate a number of phrases to the wristwatch, so the watch will act as a ‘communicator’ for the user, for example if someone was calling their name, the Vibering would be able to alert them of this.

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